Robin Hanbridge has been doing sound healing work since 2003.
Robin studied sound healing with:
Johnathan Goldman and the international Academy of sound healing.
Robin started studying sound healing to help himself get well from a undiagnosed illness.
Many years later Robin was diagnosed with lyme disease. After enjoying the many benefits of sound healing, Robin decided to share sound healing with people.
Robin plays hand crafted instruments in his sound healing practice:
Didgeridoo, Tibet singing bowls, and three 32 inch gongs.
Robin has been making and playing didgeridoos since 2004. Robin makes his customer crafted didgeridoos from Vermont trees: Maple, White Birch, Bass wood, and Elm.
Robin has been practicing sound healing in Vermont since 2005.
Robin has played sound healing concerts through out Vermont:

  • The Flynn theatre
  • Champlain college
  • The University of Vermont
  • Golden well apapeary
  • The Roots and Wings school
  • Johnson State College
  • Spirit fire festival.

Robin has been giving private sound healing sessions in Vermont since 2005.
Robin will take the sound healing on the road starting 8/1/17. Robin will tour through the United States proving sacred vibes for the people at: yoga studios, and spiritual centers.