Didgeridoo Sound Therapy & Sound Healing

Robin started playing and making didgeridoos in 2004. Robin started using the didgeridoo to heal himself. Robin was sick for many years with undiagnosed Lyme disease. Conventional medicine was not helping Robin, so he started using sound healing to get well. After Robin started feeling better he decided to share sound healing with others in Burlington Vermont.

The didgeridoo is said to be the oldest instrument known to mankind, it’s 49000 years old and it originated in Australia. Robin has played the didgeridoo at : festivals colleges, and the Flynn theater. Robin has been giving lessons on the didgeridoo for 10 years. Robin uses local Vermont wood to make the didgeridoos. Robin makes didgeridoos out of maple, Elm, white birch, Basswood, and Yellow Birch. Robin uses a method called circular breathing to play the didgeridoo for up to 20 minutes at a time Non-Stop. Some say the didgeridoo sounds very Middle Earth. Robin uses the didgeridoo he made during sound healing sessions.